1000 Homo DJs

Supernaut EP

1000 Homo DJs - Supernaut EP ©1990 Wax Trax
1. Supernaut
2. Hey Asshole
3. Apathy
4. Better Ways

Of all the various Ministry spinoff projects, 1000 Homo DJs stands out simply for having the most hilarious name. The project emerged around the time of The Land of Rape and Honey sessions and ultimately issued a couple 12" singles. The Supernaut EP (or "maxi-single") compiles the two singles onto a handy single CD and sums up their entire discography within twenty-five minutes. 1000 Homo DJs has some mystery surrounding the project as the band members used various pseudonyms, including "Buck Satan" for Al Jourgensen.

The title track is a powerhouse industrial cover of Black Sabbath's "Supernaut". Armed with a wah-pedal and a whole lot of aggression (along with an intro suggesting all rock songs encourage the youth to take a lot of drugs, which may explain Jourgensen's life story), "Supernaut" kicks down the doors, trashes your living room, scares your poodle and terrifies your neighbors into hiding under their beds too frightened to call 911. I always say there's no point in doing a cover version unless you're going to improve upon the original (or warp it so much that it becomes your own creation) and 1000 Homo DJs absolutely accomplish that. Apparently Trent Reznor originally recorded vocals for this cover, but TVT Records wouldn't allow his inclusion. There's a lot of debate over who actually sings on this track, but with the distortion placed on the vocals, it probably doesn't even matter. It's just a great rendition of an old heavy metal classic.

The remaining three tracks are marginally acceptable industrial metal. "Apathy" and "Better Ways" sound a bit like Ministry of 1988, albeit with heavier guitars and grinding distortion. "Hey Asshole" is an eight minute repetitive song with someone playing the part of an overbearing cop who is looking to kick the crap out of some poor long haired punk. It's amusing, but only if you play once every few years.

Because the title track is so awesome and the band name so amusing, this little EP is worth picking up to flesh out your Ministry collection. Chances are you can find it at bargain rates somewhere, so you won't overpay for one fantastic song out of four.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/2010

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