22 Jacks


22 Jacks - Overserved ©1998 Side One
1. Sky
2. Passport
3. Fall
4. 3 A.M.
5. Message In A Bottle
6. So Sorry
7. I'll Be With You Tonight
8. Quit
9. Tracks Of My Tears
10. Confusion

Singer Joe Sib's last band Wax was one of those great live bands that just never quite got it together on record. Somewhere along the line, Sib bailed and formed 22 Jacks, which can be seen as a "supergroup" of sorts as it includes Steve Soto of Adolescents fame and Kelly LeMieux, who has played with Lee Ving and Dave Mustaine. And what this band has put together is very enjoyable, if unoriginal, group. The focus is obviously on writing catchy, tuneful midtempo punk songs that are fun to sing along with (Sib has always had a great voice). The songs on this CD are various outtakes, live tracks and fun stuff for the fans, including a cover of the Police's "Message in a Bottle" and Cheap Trick's "I'll Be There With You." To be honest, with the talent and pedigree of 22 Jacks, I'd much rather young kids find this stuff than most of the nonsense being paraded around as punk these days.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/1998

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