25 Ta Life

Friendship Loyalty Commitment

25 Ta Life - Friendship Loyalty Commitment ©1999 Triple Crown
1. Let The Past Be The Past
2. Pain Is Temporary
3. Hardcore Rules
4. Backfire
5. Positive Hardcore, Go
6. Friendship, Loyalty, Committment
7. Next Level
8. Bullet For Every Enemy
9. Over The Years
10. Refocus
11. Wise To Da Game
12. Da Low Down
13. Short Fuse
14. As One
15. Smakin' You Up

Certainly there are a few perverse, masochistic souls reading this who are, for whatever undefinable reason, are in search of the worst records to ever be released. Just in case you are on that search, let me submit Friendship Loyalty Commitment from New York's 25 Ta Life as a prime contender for one of the absolutely most horrendous recordings ever placed in a CD rack. Maybe I'm not a tough guy at heart, but I don't see the appeal or value of this submoronic mosh oriented hardcore permeating the music world. 25 Ta Life is a blatant offender ripping through riffs that S.O.D. discarded while shouting unintelligible vocals about being down with friends and various other hardcore topics. In short, utter drivel. Considering the vocals are incredibly ridiculous and amount to what a pro wrestler might screech if given a record contract and guitarists who only know basic power chords, whatever message this band might have is blitzed into oblivion by these entirely tiresome vocals. I suppose this album might appeal to working class young males who know only of fightin', drinkin' Pabst Blue Ribbon and Old Milwaukee and then fightin' some more, with the monotony of that lifestyle only broken up by fightin' during the mosh section of a bland song. Obviously the appeal is lost upon me, but hey, I like kittens far more than tattoos. If that makes me some sort of wimp, it is a tag I can live with. Only buy this if you have some latent need to hit people much smaller than yourself.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/2001

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