A Perfect Circle

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Mer De Noms

A Perfect Circle - Mer De Noms ©2000 Virgin
1. The Hollow
2. Magdalena
3. Rose
4. Judith
5. Orestes
6. 3 Libras
7. Sleeping Beauty
8. Thomas
9. Renholder
10. Over
11. Brena
12. Thinking Of You

Well, I finally gave in to the alluring packaging (shiiiiny) and promise of Maynard James Keenan's involvement in the band and listened to APC's debut disc. Of course, the fact that someone gave it to me for free doesn't hurt. I had heard "Judith," the first single, and immediately made the judgement that this CD would sound like a new Tool release. While comparisons can be drawn between the two bands and it's not a huge stretch to imagine fans of one outfit will like the other, APC tends to be more introverted and personal than Tool, not to mention less political and more grandly orchestrated.

The guitars and bass have an interesting texture, and the drums vary from typical rock to tribal in approach (incidentally, drummer Josh Freese used to play for Devo). There are several nifty vocal effects, with others besides Maynard participating on a few occasions, and a few instances of violins. All of this is wrapped up in a shining example of production that allows everything to be heard, and well. On the down side, "Thomas" and "Thinking of You" aren't exactly the most entertaining songs in the world, and "Over" is a mediocre track that would work better without the jack-in-the-box sounds. The disc as a whole - despite being well-played and put together - tends to wear a tad thin after a while. I do, however, really enjoy listening to it when I choose to put it on.

Review by C. LeRoux

Review date: 07/2000

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