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Fire Walk With Us

Aborym - Fire Walk With Us ©2001 Mercenary Records
1. Our Sentence
2. Love The Death As The Life
3. White Space
4. Fire Walk With Us!
5. Here Is No God S.T.A.
6. Total Black
7. Sol Sigillum
8. Det Som En Gang Var
9. Theta Paranoia

Aborym is an Italian black metal band led by Burzum/Mayhem crony Csihar. The music incorporates very evident classic black metal influences (Blood, Fire Death-era Bathory being the most obvious) and more modern techno/industrial touches.

While Aborym's decision to put their weakest song first is questionable, the music is otherwise very solid and enjoyable, if rather derivative. While the production is a little flat and cheap, it is more than acceptable by black metal standards. A relatively wide variety of tempos and vocal styles (female spoken samples, black rasps and somewhat hokey Moonspellish ultra-low-pitched segments) keeps the music interesting, and excellent pieces like the Burzum cover "Det Som en Gang Var" or "Love the Death..." make for a great, if not earth-shattering, little black metal album.

Review by Rog the Frog Billerey-Mosier

Review date: 01/2002

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