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Suicidal Emotions

Abyssic Hate - Suicidal Emotions ©2000 No Colours
1. Depression Part 1
2. Betrayed
3. Depression Part 2
4. Despondency

From the oblique album cover art to the the cold gray nature of the recording, Abyssic Hate has succeeded in capturing the nature of their subject matter. Suicidal Emotions features such lovely composition titles as "Depression" and "Despondency" and actually fully engulfs the listener in a musical painting of those emotions. Over the course of four lengthy songs, Abyssic Hate creates a monochromatic, dire sonic sculpture that truly makes a listener wonder if the guy behind this project is truly stable. It can also be seen as a cathartic experience as well.

Abyssic Hate is a one man project from Australia. The music he creates is very much in the vein of the last couple of Burzum projects, particularly in the lengthy compositions. The production of the album essentially places the buzzing, highly shimmering guitar above all else, rendering the drums as nothing more than a rumbling undercurrent. The guitar lines are very basic and drawn out for maximum effect. The feedback and distortion levels are actually on par with some of Bob Mould's early years as a sonic terrorist in Husker Du. However, the music is purely black metal. There seems to be a much more honest approach by Abyssic Hate as he tackles emotions that nearly everyone has felt at some point in his or her life.

Suicidal Emotions is a stark album that requires a patient listener. However, the songs are extremely well done and it's a justifiable reward in the end. Unlike so many contemporaries, Abyssic Hate is able to tackle a very true subject and give it a musical portrayal. There's little fluff or excess on this CD and is recommended to anyone who enjoys a truly dark form of raw black metal.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/2003

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