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Accomplice - Accomplice ©1997 Self-Released
1. Courageous
2. Reactor
3. Fallin
4. For All The World
5. State Of The Nation
6. Welcome
7. Let The Show Begin
8. Centurion
9. Nightingale
10. Fight On

Accomplice has spent a long time opening for other bands (Rush, Savatage, Van Halen, Michael Schenker Group, Armored Saint, Rainbow, etc.). Finally they have released their own self-produced, self-titled CD. The disc shows why they'd be selected as an opening act for so many "big" name acts. They are also on the recently released Dream Theater tribute disc, Voices.

This disc bridges the gaps between progressive rock and progressive metal. The balance is very nicely maintained throughout the CD. The music is fueled by the guitar / keyboard attack of Sean Clegg and Matthew Glasso and backed by the rhythm and bass of Richard Arbuckle and Scott Snyder (recently replaced by Mike Ross). The shredding on this CD is grandly technical. The vocals on the disc are outstanding, furnished by Stephen Green who sounds similar to Geddy Lee from Rush, Andre Matos from Angra or Steve Perry from Journey. The range of his voice is incredible. He sings with passion and power, adding a great deal of depth to the songs.

The song "Reactor" rocks along as a great melodic metal tune as does "State Of The Nation." "Centurion" and Nightingale" are also great tracks showing the ability of the group to crank out a great rocker or ballad. My favorite track is "Fight On." I love how it starts off with just the acoustic guitar and vocalist with a classical baroque feel before it explodes into a thunderous speeding powerhouse. This one song shows the range and ability of the band and is worth the price of the CD. It is an air guitarist's dream tune.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

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