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Corrupt Minds

Acrophet - Corrupt Minds ©1988 Triple X
1. Intro To Corruption
2. Corrupt Minds
3. Slaves Of Sin
4. From The Depths
5. Lifeless Image
6. Crowd Distress
7. Crime For Living
8. Holy Spirit
9. Living In Today
10. Ceremonial Slaughter
11. Warped Illusions
12. Forgotten Faith
13. Victims Of The Holocaust

Despite boasting a roster of young, adept musicians, Wisconsin's Acrophet never even came remotely close to attaining widespread attention with their speedy thrash metal. On Corrupt Minds, Acrophet makes the cardinal mistake of showing off their entire array of musical ideas within the first five minutes of the record and spend the remainder essentially on Songwriter-Repeat. One can picture the members sitting around their practice room and one guy says, "Pete and Repeat were sitting in a tree. Pete fell out. Who was left?" Other guy replies, "Repeat". "Pete and Repate were sitting in a tree..." And that became their songwriting philosophy. The band, despite their apparently young age (rumor has it they were barely out of their teens, if that, when they recorded Corrupt Minds, but that could also be a pack of lies on today's internet), showed some chops. The guitarists could do tricky things with their fingers and drummer Jason Mooney seems rather proficient at hitting things at high rates of speed. But the band was stuck in a rushed state of mind, blasting through their songs with as many subtle touches as Mike Tyson getting angry during a speed dating luncheon. Vocalist/bassist Dave Baumann barks out the lyrics in the same monotonous tone and cadence throughout the entire record. With scant few ideas spread out over the duration of the record, it becomes exhausting despite being barely over a half hour long. Acrophet proves that even if you can play fairly well, it still takes some songwriting talent to stand out from the crowd.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/2010

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