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Blacken The Angel

Agathodaimon - Blacken The Angel ©1998 Nuclear Blast
1. Tristetea Vehementa
2. Banner Of Blasphemy
3. Near Dark
4. Ill Of An Imaginary Guilt
5. Die Nacht Des Unwesens
6. Contemplation Song
7. Sfintit Cu Roua Suferintii
8. Stingher/Alone
9. After Dark
10. Ribbons/requiem

Hmm. Yet another band who foists black metal vocals on a doom-dark metal musical base, entitles it something moderately evil and throws it out into the market hoping they will be noticed before others. Agathodaimon is probably closest to the likes of Dismal Euphony, but without the abundance of female vocals. There is a healthy amount of keyboards and simple melodic guitar leads. The biggest problem with this album is that it never really gets going. When you have a fifteen minute song right in the third spot of the CD, there is the tendency to cause stagnation in the listening process. It's really difficult to actually sit through the whole hour of this CD, as nothing ever really gets going at any time whatsoever. Trust me, this band really needs to figure out some sort of songwriting scheme that actually makes their songs interesting, aside from a few disparate parts.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 09/1999

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Higher Art Of Rebellion

Agathodaimon - Higher Art Of Rebellion ©1999 Nuclear Blast
1. Ne Cheama Pamintul
2. Tongue Of Thorns
3. Glasul Artei Viitoare
4. When She Is Mute
5. A Death In Its Plenitude
6. Body Of Clay
7. Novus Ordo Seclorum
8. Back Into The Shadows
9. Les Posťdes
10. Neovampirism
11. Heavenís Coffin
12. Ribbons/Requiem Ď99
13. Body Of Clay (remixed)

Cantankerous: Itís too long for its own good.

Persnickety: Is that all you can say?

Cantankerous: Well really, at seventy-two minutes, it had better be damn impressive.

Persnickety: Itís quite alright.

Cantankerous: I said "damn impressive," not "quite alright."

Persnickety: Youíre so demanding.

Cantankerous: It has its moments, Iíll admit that. There are some interesting songs, like the first one, and I rather enjoy disparate parts throughout the album. Or rather, throughout the first five songs, since I can never get any further.

Persnickety: My sticking point is the fact that they spelled "Les Posťdes" the way they did. Itís supposed to have two esses.

Cantankerous: Thatís so incisive, my friend, that Iím proud to be working with you.

Persnickety: As if you could do better.

Cantankerous: Well, I could mention the fact that everything about this album smacks of clichť.

Persnickety: So to the music fans out there?

Cantankerous: Let me tell you something, if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, then it probably is a duck - and that holds true for this disc and the genres whose problems it embodies. Their image reeks of romanti-goth shtick. Their imported, highly-touted clean singer reminds me of Glenn Danzig, in a bad way. Their riffs are recycled pap, their synths are simplistic, and their sense of dynamics is way off.

I will occasionally pull this out for a listen, get past the first song, and realize why I didnít listen to it for so long. I will proceed to replace it in its case and forget about it for a few months. Donít buy this completely unnecessary CD unless youíre particularly enthralled with genericism.

Review by C. LeRoux

Review date: 06/2000

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