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Amber Spyglass

Amber Spyglass - Amber Spyglass ©2001 Self-Released
1. Higher
2. Burning At Sunset
3. Going Down
4. Simple To Say
5. Creep

Coming out of nowhere (well, New England, if you must be precise), Amber Spyglass' debut five song EP is an outstanding first effort that should do much to establish the duo as an act to pay close attention to in the near future. Amber Spyglass is made up of instrumentalist John DeGregorio and vocalist Kelly Godshall with a handful of helpful session musicians fleshing things out. Their sound on this EP is a bit hard to categorize, as there are hints of various influences and genres with none quite leaping out to provide a handy pigeonhole for those who like to do that sort of thing. On first listen, one might think, "Golly, this sounds like a tamed down 3rd & the Mortal", but that's barely accurate. The music is dynamic, allowing for DeGregorio to come up with many builds and crescendos, while aptly supporting Godshall's light, but powerful and sensual singing. The guitars occasionally have an exotic edge to them, occasionally reminding me of early 90s Soundgarden (but very, very slightly) if that band had explored those themes a bit more deeply. The overall feel of the EP is a tad contemplative and introspective, offering more respite than attack in the sound. The lush, haunting qualities may remind some of those older 4AD bands and may very well be of interest to fans of Cocteau Twins or Miranda Sex Garden.

Amber Spyglass is indeed a fine initial foray into music and will appeal to those who enjoy somewhat offbeat music with excellent female singing. Along with Brave (formerly Arise From Thorns), 2001 is proving that female fronted bands are gaining foothold in the music world. Amber Spyglass certainly has caught my attention and leaves me waiting impatiently for a full length.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/2001

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