Ruines Humaines EP

Amesoeurs - Ruines Humaines EP ©2005 Northern Silence
1. Bonheur Ampute
2. Ruines Humaines
3. Faiblesse De Sens

It seems that Neige (Alcest) simply has a knack for creating completely enthralling music. Whereas Alcest is representative of all things joyful, nostalgic, and ethereal within Neige’s subconscious, Amesoeurs is representative of the negative and modernistic part. Like Alcest, black metal exists on the periphery of the music, but is not the total focus. Also like Alcest, the melodies are tasteful, refined, and altogether quite pretty.

Unlike, say, Xasthur or Leviathan, Amesoeurs is not a project that wallows in sheer negativity and depravity. While substantially more somber than Alcest, the music is not oppressively depressing nor is it maudlin. Only Neige’s impressive, truly pained shrieks, reminiscent of that of Varg Vikernes on Burzum Aske, are really what tie Ameseours to its more erstwhile contemporaries. The music runs the gamut from mid-paced dark metal (“Bonheur Ampute” and “Ruines Humaines”) to Cure/Smiths-influenced post-punk complete with emotionally driven vocals from Audrey S (“Faiblesse de Sens”), to even a short industrial/electronic interlude. Altogether, the only really negative thing one can say about this EP is that it is simply all-too brief. I look forward to what this project will offer in the future.

Review by Alec A. Head

Review date: 08/2007

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