Anomy - Disquietude ©2002 Self-Released
1. Playground
2. Hatred And Contempt
3. Mountains Of Madagascar
4. Cyclothymia
5. Bile
6. Intent
7. Bleeding Once Again
8. Inertia
9. Gothic Winter
10. Epilogue

Colorado's Anomy is one of the other potential breakthrough metal acts that Denver features. The band's first release, Disquietude, is a pretty solid work that could find quite a bit of appeal worldwide with a little exposure. So consider this review the equivalent of Disquietude appearing in a trenchcoat in a park, showing its compact disc hole to strangers.

Anomy's style takes in quite a few influences from more contemporary artists, but if you want my opinion (and you're going to get it because, goddamnit, this is my website), their closest counterpart in "known" realms would be Carcass, circa 1994. While many early Carcass fans couldn't stomach the change from gurgle to death'n'roll, there are plenty of people who absolutely love Heartwork and Swansong. Anomy has a reliance on similarly configured thick riffing and Jeff Walker-like rasping. The songs usually stick to midpaced tempos with rhythm changes keeping things moving. More impressive is the incredible sound from Dave Otero's Hellion Studios. Were he based in Sweden and had a name that ended in -berg or -wano or even -atgren, he'd be one of the more coveted producers in heavy metal today. But I guess Dave Otewano doesn't have the same ring to it.

While improvements can be made to Anomy - in particular, the cleaner vocals aren't terribly convincing - this is a quite impressive debut for an independent act. You could spend your money on another Dimmu Borgir clone, but that'd only be encouraging other acts to play the same drivel. There are more worthy recipients out there.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2004

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