Are You God?

Are You God?

Are You God? ©2001 Self-Released
1. My Heroes
2. Deep Rise
3. The Ticket

Fuck yeah! This Brazilian band's demo contains 3 songs of brutal, diverse and complex death/grind just the way I like it. These songs are loaded with dizzying time changes and semi-complex memorable riffs.

I realize that this description could apply to hundreds of bands, but Are You God are actually quite unique. Along with the standard death metal and grind influences, AYG throw some more punkish moments into the mix, as well as parts reminiscent of technical metallic hardcore bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan. Riffs are seldom repeated more than a few times, and time changes are frequent. The whole thing just sounds really vicious and aggressive, like good death/grind should.

This band gets a huge "thumbs up" from me. It shouldn't take long for these guys to get picked up by one of the larger death metal or grind-oriented labels.

Review by Mark Pennington

Review date: 01/2002

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