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Embrace The Mystery

Armageddon - Embrace The Mystery ©2000 Toy's Factory
1. Awakening
2. The Broken Spell
3. Blind Fury
4. Worlds Apart
5. Cry Of Fate
6. Ilusions Tale
7. Moongate Climber (instrumental)
8. Embrace The Mystery
9. Sleep Of Innocence
10. Grain Of Sand

Guitar ability in the Amott family seems to be in massive abundance, as both Chris and Michael have proven with their various musical outlets, including Arch Enemy, Candlemass and Carnage. Armageddon happens to be Chris's personal project, having released two albums: Crossing the Rubicon and now Embrace the Mystery. Apparently Chris revamped the lineup for this release and the result is a classy, slick form of guitar oriented traditional metal with a touch of that melodic thrashy metal Sweden has become famous for. New singer Rickard Bengtsson has a voice that is not far off from Bruce Dickinson and his soaring vocals complement the music nicely. The guitars range from clean segments to rolling speedy riffs galore with very melodic leads sprinkled throughout. As one might suspect, there is definitely a guitar orientation to the album, although it by no means is a glorification of Amott's talents and nothing else. The songwriting is very good throughout, consistent and memorable. Normally I don't find traditional metal as my cup of tea these days, but Armageddon has such finesse and class that I can't help but enjoy this album as a great example of metal with power without being either a blatant ripoff of influences or by-the-numbers generic music. This is the album for those who like Arch Enemy's music but not the vocals, or for anyone who loves classy metal in the vein of Iron Maiden.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2001

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