By Inheritance

Artillery - By Inheritance ©1990 RC Records
1. 7:00 From Tashkent
2. Khomaniac
3. Beneath The Clay (R.I.P.)
4. By Inheritance
5. Bombfood
6. Don't Believe
7. Life In Bondage
8. Equal At First
9. Razamanaz
10. Back In The Trash
15. Deeds Of Darkness

So what do you get if you cross the sound of Never, Neverland-era Annihilator and Metallica's Master of Puppets? The answer is By Inheritance, by the Danish thrashers Artillery. Though I don't think Annihilator is actually an influence since both records came out around the same period of time, the guitar tones, riffing patterns and rhythms are similar. There is also a certain amount of association with the Metallica of 1986 in the rumbling thrash overtones that exist throughout. Chances are Flemming Rasmussen's production has something to do with that. (Strangely, the album doesn't sound as squashed as Rasmussen's Metallica albums do.) But the one problem with Artillery is that every time vocalist Flemming Ronsdorf opens his mouth, I want to bop him over the head and say any one of these phrases: "Shut up." "Cork it." "Shut your piehole." All this while hitting him with a nerf baseball bat. He attempts to go for the high pitched King Diamond thing, but sounds like a bad bar singer thinking he's going to be the next Rob Halford. This dent is the only nick in Artillery's shell. Overall the guitar and music is pretty much high above the 1990 standard for thrash and if you are the type who has high tolerance for bad vocals, then By Inheritance needs to be on your wish list.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/1999

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Terror Squad/Fear Of Tomorrow

Artillery - Terror Squad/Fear Of Tomorrow ©1990 RC Records
1. The Challenge
2. In The Trash
3. Terror Squad
4. Let There Be Sin
5. Hunger And Greed
6. Therapy
7. At War With Science
8. Decapitation Of Deviants
9. Time Has Come
10. The Almighty
11. Show Your Hate
12. Out Of The Sky
13. Into The Universe
14. The Eternal War
15. Deeds Of Darkness

Artillery was easily one of the most overlooked thrash bands of the 80s. Their sound was very solid for the time, well produced with all sorts of that nice crunch of thrash, yet they still were generally ignored by the music world as a whole. Perhaps their Danish location excluded them from the Bay Area frenzy that ultimately watered down the entire thrash style as a whole. Regardless, Artillery had quite a few rounds of ammo in their belt. The only unfortunate part of their music is Flemming Ronsdorf's "love 'em or hate 'em" vocals, that often spent too much time hitting those obnoxious high notes and being far too stereotypically metal. Aside from that, Artillery's rumbling, crunching guitars were the stuff thrash dreams were made of. The band plays generally at an upbeat, but not out of control tempo, allowing the guitars to riff along with room and space to work. Guitarists Michael Stutzer and Jorgen Sandau often remind a bit of the twin guitar approach of Exodus, perhaps being a bit more blue collared in their no nonsense approach.

The band's first two albums are featured on this Roadrunner reissue (which naturally the label has seen fit to let go right back out of print as they focused on more commercially viable bands in the 90s). Of the two Terror Squad is definitely the more basic of the two, yet it still has a lot going on in the music. Fear of Tomorrow's production takes just a touch of the edge off the guitar sound, but does allow the bass to make a stronger appearance. Regardless of some of the band's flaws, most notably whenever Ronsdorf opens his mouth, Artillery had the thrash method down and should be on the hunting list of anyone who has a soft spot for 80s thrash.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/2000

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