Artimus Pyle

Civil Dead

Artimus Pyle - Civil Dead ©2001 Prank Records
1. Fear
2. Injustice At North County
3. Closed Casket
4. The Tie That Binds
5. Avarice
6. Rape The Beast
7. Bloodless War
8. Civil Dead
9. John Stuart: The Final Chapter
10. Dead In The Womb
11. Opiate
12. Void
13. Slave Labor

No, this isn't the band of some Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer. Rather, this Artimus Pyle is a three piece vicious hardcore outfit that truly lives up to the cold and stark nature of their cover art. Civil Dead is a brief, twenty-three minute affair that whips the listener through thirteen destructive songs that literally will leave your stereo bleeding and you whimpering for your mother or other caregiver figure. Artimus Pyle, in their blistering chaos and unhinged, speed infested power violence, is actually extremely coherent for what is usually a very messy, sloppy style. The production, while hardly polished, captures a great amount of clarity between the three members and emphasizes their strengths while still allowing for a vast amount of violence to exist in their music. Occasionally, particularly towards the end of the album, there are descents into blurred noise, but that's more the exception than the rule. Otherwise, this is relentless music chock full of feedback, riffs the size of water buffalos and screamed, angry vocals. This band does strike me as one who has something to say but unfortunately the vocals render lyrics unintelligible. You will need to read the lyrics if you are curious about their standpoint on things. Regardless, Civil Dead is what hardcore, particularly the no holds barred variety, should be at this late date.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2001

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