Ashes You Leave

The Passage Back To Life

Ashes You Leave - The Passage Back To Life ©1998 Pavement
1. Salva Me (intro)
2. The Passage Back To Life
3. Thorn Of The Dead Flower
4. Drowning In My Dreams
5. Lay Down Alone
6. White Chains
7. Tears

Hey there doom fans! Here is an idea you certainly don't come across every day! It's a doom band that has male death metal vocalist with female singers as well as atypical metal instrumentation, such as new age keyboards, pianos and violins! No one has ever done this before.

Ashes You Leave is yet another one of those bands attempting to carve their niche into the backdrop of an already bloated scene and only attain occasional levels of truly interesting music. On "The Passage Back to Life", their slow, lumbering sound with violin accompianment can easily be traced to other bands such as Celestial Season or of course, My Dying Bride. And unfortunately the uncomfortable and tuneless clean vocals add very little color. I imagine the idea was to impart the listener with the idea of mournful, passionate vocals, but "Thorn of the Dead Flower" might only suggest the band work closer with their vocal instructor. Again, the song is hindered by the ultra plodding tempo and passages that drag on like telephone solictors offering magazines at a great discount price. The very typical male death vocals also fail to do much more than just bring on feelings of exhaustion in the listener. These songs just don't move, reminding me of being stuck on a treadmill going nowhere with only the unchanging wallpaper to provide the bland scenery. If not for the interspersed atmospheric tracks of "Drowning in My Dreams" and the ending "Tears", I'd find nothing of interest on the album as a whole. Far too weighted down with lack of unique qualities and dwelling too much in territories already covered, Ashes You Leave is best left behind on the music store racks.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/1999

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