The Atomic Bitchwax

The Atomic Bitchwax

The Atomic Bitchwax ©1999 MIA Records
1. Stork
2. Birth To The Earth
3. Hey Alright
4. Crazee Fandango
5. Hope You Die
6. Ain't Nobody Gonna Hang Me In My Home
7. Kiss The Sky
8. Gettin' Old
9. Last Of The V8 Interceptors
10. Shitkicker
11. The Formula

Groove rockers and stoner fanatics best pay attention to The Atomic Bitchwax. Not only do they have a rather inane band name, but they have the goods that put them ahead of weaker units such as Roadsaw or Fu Manchu, though still behind the kings of the genre, Kyuss. Their downtuned, jam-oriented style runs on all cylinders throughout most of the album, though it skips and sputters through some of the excessive jams. I imagine that those who are taking Vitamins T, H and C will see madcap colors or something in the truly unengaging, pointless moments of the album, but for the sober, the album needs quite a bit of trimming. So in essence, what you get is a pretty good album that is brought down overall by too much of a good thing. When the trio remembers there is a song, they do focus and have moment of good groove rock, but eventually they wander back into "let's jam, dude" territory. That sort of thing only causes my attention to wander as well, right back to the CD racks to find something a bit more concise. That aside, The Atomic Bitchwax is one of the better bands playing the style. When they are actually not jamming and rocking out instead, they are as groovy as Kyuss in their prime. I imagine your need for this CD will depend on how much you buy into the stoner part of stoner rock.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/1999

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