Picture of Attrition

The Jeopardy Maze

Attrition - The Jeopardy Maze ©1999 Projekt
1. A Virtual Angel
2. Atomizer (custom Mother)
3. Waste Not, Want...more
4. I Am A Theif
5. Dream Time Collector
6. A Virtual Reprise
7. The Thin Veil
8. "A Few Of My Favorite Things"
9. The Illuminator
10. Have A Nice Time...
11. God Save The Queen

In a nutshell, this album is basic dance floor fodder in the same vein as Trudge-era Controlled Bleeding and perhaps the Orb. From what I understand, Attrition has been around quite some time with a rather lengthy discography. This Projekt release will not do a lot to encourage me to dig up their back catalogue. Containing an abundance of dance rhythms and lacking as much depth as I prefer when listening to this sort of industrial, The Jeopardy Maze comes across more as background music than anything that will make me an active, intense listener. "A virtual angel" and the low processed vocals on "The Illuminator" do tend to remind me of that other long-running industrial act, Controlled Bleeding. And as with the Orb, Attrition's music just sort of floats off without making a huge impact. Naturally, if you like that style of the Orb, Attrition is worth looking into. For me, I'll just hope the next time around they can work on emphasizing the cool violin and spooky passages and lighten up on the dance aspect.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/1999

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