Picture of Avernus

...Of The Fallen

Avernus - ...Of The Fallen ©1997 MIA Records
1. Blood Gathers Frost
2. If I Could Exist
3. By Loves Will...chaos
4. Rennissance
5. Ghost
6. Thousand Spirits
7. Beautiful Black Heart
8. Still Warm Ashes

Okay, kids...it's paddlin' time. Here we have an incredible debut from Chicago's Avernus and you're ignoring it! I'm afraid that's a paddlin'. Drop your trousers and take your punishment. And if you don't find a copy of this album, it's another paddlin'.

Overall the band's sound should make it an immediate add-on to anyone who digs the Century Media Euro-metal roster, what with the haunting occasional female backups, ethereal compositions that are equal parts metal, goth, and even some Celtic folk music, and excellent playing by the musicians impossible. Singer Rick McCoy has a great midrange voice that is expressive and able to create some beautiful harmonies (as he does on the closer "Still Warm Ashes"). Even the guitars contain moving harmonies and riffs, exampled by "By Love's Will...Chaos". The nicest thing is that this is a musically ambitious project that doesn't lose track of writing memorable and dark songs. After a few listens, I am hooked. The only people who don't deserve a paddlin' are the people who already have a copy of this and the band themselves. As for the rest of us...

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/1998

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