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Bad Sector - Ampos ©1995 God Factory
1. Amp˛s
2. Drulco
3. Moblo
4. Trozou
5. Neku
6. Ahibbe
7. Takron
8. Ze
9. Rsaa
10. Negi
11. Some Gods

Bad Sector is a one man project formed by Italian electronics engineer Massimo Magrini. His background in computer music and research allowed him to create his own analogue and digital synthesizers. Bad Sector was conceived as a means to explore an area where ambient, electronic and dark minimalistic music intersect. His first CD, Ampos, is an interesting gem in the realm of experimental music, as it aptly captures the sound of machinery being well manipulated for musical means. Despite the fact that the whole of Ampos is free of song structure or identifiable instrumentation, the music is surprisingly developed and, if you will, musical. Ahem. I kid you not.

The best way to describe Ampos is to call it "Whale Music as performed by circuit bent machinery". Distorted throbbing layers of cracked tones float, decay and harmonize throughout the album, creating rather intriguing soundscapes that almost, but not quite, become melodic structures. There are occasional distorted voices ("Some Gods" is the only track where any sort of human voice is prominent) but in general, Ampos is the creation of manipulated technology. Although there are plenty of frequencies that border on harsh noise, this album never becomes a tedious exercise in sheer noise and pain, the failings of many experimental industrial musicians. Merzbow, I am looking right at you, pal.

Ampos is a haunting, enveloping creation that supercedes most expectations of this sort of music. It is best enjoyed through headphones or, if you have a house in the country with no other occupants, at high volume through surround sound speakers.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2009

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