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Drown My Sorrows, Drink My Dreams EP

Band of Felons - Drown My Sorrows, Drink My Dreams EP ©2002 Go For Broke Records
1. Over The Edge
2. Dick & Jane
3. P.T.I.
4. No Place Like Home
5. Time For Change

The great thing about punk rock was that it encouraged everyday people to pick up instruments and make their own music, thus taking the music away from the control of an elite hegemony of "professionals". As a result, we got brilliant acts like Minutemen. Yet, the same thing that makes punk great is also precisely what makes it awful. The same motivation that inspired some of the best punk bands also inspired the likes of Band of Felons to start making music, and worse, recording it.

On this brief, five song EP that thankfully lasts barely over ten minutes, Band of Felons rips through their repertoire of basic, four chord punk with shouted, slightly melodic vocals. Sound familiar? That's only because you can find a dozen of these sort of bands in any gutter you happen to be walking by. Be careful not to trip over that bassist, mind you. Band of Felons is competent at best, but hardly notable or more impressive than any other of the ten million similar bands that have picked up instruments and shouted "oi". I'm sure Eddie Shots (presumably not his real name) has street credibility where he's from and is a tough dude (he's actually a pretty good bassist, incidentally), but the five songs of hollering don't really move me. It is these sort of commonplace records that really have watered down what was once a vibrant punk world.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2004

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