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Barn Burner - Bangers ©2009 New Romance For Kids
1. Holy Smokes
2. Fast Women
3. Long Arm of the Law
4. Beer Today, Bong Tomorrow
5. Runnin' Reds
6. Wizard Island
7. Brohemoth
8. Tremors
9. Outro

Barn Burner is a Montreal team that specializes in alliteration in the field of heavy rock. Bangers, their debut, is a half hour slab of Sabbathy, sludgey riff-o-rama that you've certainly heard before from other bands. It starts out promising with a trio of rocking tunes, including the opener "Holy Smokes" (featuring riffs smartly derived from an Iron Maiden influence) and "Long Arm of the Law" (which shows off some ability switch up the time signatures at the drop of a hat). However, despite the album's relatively short playing time, Bangers turns into so much mash as the songs wear out. Vocalist K. Keaglesmith has a quarter octave range, which he utilizes with earnest enthusiasm. Unfortunately, after awhile, you've pretty much heard all he has to offer. On the plus side, at least he doesn't try to shriek or debase himself with hardcore barking. Barn Burner tends to be at their best while playing faster tempos and more upbeat. It's when they slow things down and try to lay on the heavy thunder that things seem to go awry. The longer songs ("Wizard Island" or the puntastic "Beer Today, Bong Tomorrow") cause Bangers to run out of steam.

As far as debuts go, this isn't too shabby, but the band needs to spend more time on crafting more memorable songs. Sure, they do have heaps of riffs but it does take a bit more than that to really impress the general listening audience. I do recognize that this album might work better presented in a live setting, but it's not a recorded product I'd go out of my way to recommend.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 12/2009

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