Beaten Back To Pure

Southern Apocalypse

Beaten Back To Pure - Southern Apocalypse ©2001 Retribute Records
1. Whores Bath
2. Tremors Beneath The Skin
3. Acolyte
4. Antietum
5. Failure Wine
6. Six Gun Salute

Black Sabbath begat a lot of bands, one of them being Eyehategod. Eyehategod has since begat a heck of a lot of bands as well, one of them perhaps being Beaten Back to Pure, although I'm sure it'll take some blood tests before anyone will claim this bastard child. Beaten Back to Pure is condensed Kyuss groove with a vocalist who sounds like he's belching up the remnants of a chili cheese dog while having the hiccups. The novelty might appeal to those who enjoy this stoner groove thing but after six songs worth, you've heard the band's sole idea repeated six times, or perhaps twelve if you figure they're repeating themselves within the songs as well. The heavy, locked-in grooves this band displays are certainly tight as a cheerleader's stretchy shorts, but the songwriting doesn't really allow for much more than just a groove. With the vocals being nothing short of comical, there isn't a whole lot that is going to push this band to the forefront of music one must immediately purchase. Nice try, but Beaten Back to Pure is still a bit too plain to deserve very much attention.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 12/2001

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