Behemoth - Satanica ©1999 AvantGarde Music
1. Decade Of Therion
2. LAM
3. Ceremony Of Shiva
4. Of Sephirotic Transformation And Carnality
5. The Sermon To The Hypocrites
6. Starspawn
7. The Alchemist's Dream
8. Chant For Eschaton 2000

From out the cold and low-fi forests of Poland come Behemoth. Esoteric, overly aggressive, and with goat skulls in hand, they stomp furiously about the newly conquered worlds of competent production and American distribution. Roar.

Now, chalk it up to my relative distaste for most death metal, or to my recent tendencies for more peaceful genres, but I have to be in a very specific mood to listen to this disc (ie. extremely cranky). For what it is, Satanica is all right - being what it is, though, it can only attain so much in the first place. The vocalist has a pretty standard death growl that rarely changes and often tells me "bloh" and "loh". The guitars are mostly a gigantic fuzz, and the drums are, well, death metal drums.

In those aforementioned moods, though, the album can be okay. It's good death metal, and the vocalist is really high on it being brutal, if you're into that sort of thing. Fans of the genre probably wouldn't lose anything by checking it out, because even I find myself listening to it sometimes - and hardcore, I am not.

Review by C. LeRoux

Review date: 03/2001

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