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Till Birth Do Us Part

Behind The Curtain - Till Birth Do Us Part ©1999 Sensory
1. I Believe
2. Snap
3. Artificial Trance
4. Dreaming Of A Way
5. Illusory
6. I Lost My Sense Of Passion
7. Breeze
8. The Fields Of Despair
9. I Believe (cont.)

Behind the Curtain are a group of six very talented musicians hailing from Denmark. Till Birth Do Us Part is their debut and what a debut it is! This is a heavy, heavy, HEAVY progressive metal disc that will really catch your ear should you chance upon listening to it.

Musically the disc is complex full. The dual guitars chop, thrash and wail. The bass and drums lay down an amazing bottom end with the keys providing a backwash of atmosphere. The music is layered and wonderful at every level. The changes in direction and mood are really great and not overused or forced. The sound is similar to that of Psychotic Waltz with a bit of Pain Of Salvation or Digital Ruin added to keep it focused. This is progressive metal that is out on the edge. The sound is very typical of that found on the Sensory label.

If you've read many of my reviews you know how I like the long songs. This disc offers them up with five of the songs being over seven minutes long. The length of the songs allows the band to really pull out the stops and go for broke in their composition. The song writing reflects the ambition behind the music.

Each of these tracks stand out as a tremendous work. The heavy parts are heavy enough to make your ears bleed and the atmospheric parts will sweep you away with their subtlety. The sound swings on the pendulum between crunching power and stylish nuance, doomy gothic and thunderous power and is subject to change without notice. Have I raved enough yet? Go buy this disc. It will please fans from all over the spectrum of heavy metal.

This disc is number fifteen on my short list of must have progressive metal discs . . . if you were keeping track.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 09/2000

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