The Gods Of The Pit Pt. II (Paragon So Below)

Belial - The Gods Of The Pit Pt. II (Paragon So Below) ©1993 Moribund Records
1. The Invocation
2. Voices Beyond
3. Deceased
4. For Them
5. Piece By Piece (remix)

I really don't know a whole lot about the recording career of this Finnish death metal band, but if this short EP of early material is any indication, there probably isn't much reason to investigate any further. Belial specializes in exceptionally uninteresting, standard death metal with horrendously bad vocals. Completely unintelligible and indistinguishable from any other lame death metal vocalist, the vocals are easily the biggest detraction from the music. Secondly, the riffing, song arrangements and whole "we brutal!" trip simply go nowhere whatsoever. Unlike other death metal bands who at least have a wild drummer whom the rest of the band chases musically, Belial has a rather average skins pounder. The Gods of the Pit comes across more as rotten to the core.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/1999

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