Best of Seven

Best Of Seven

Best of Seven - Best Of Seven ©2003 Fastlane Records
1. Suffer Me
2. Wonder
3. Anything
4. Tell Me
5. Untrue
6. Sleep
7. Mark Ratner
8. On The Radio
9. Hello
10. Hate
11. Climb
12. Four Walls (bonus Track)

Perhaps Best of Seven’s strongest trait is that they are very proficient at creating and subsequently executing very forgettable and boring music in the vein of the Goo Goo Dolls, Our Lady Peace, Creed and Three Doors Down, all equally forgettable in their own collective right. However, whereas the aforementioned gussy out their music through the use of half-hearted string arrangements and forced arena rock ballads, Best of Seven utilizes the tried and true method of simply guitars, drums, bass, and vocals, and, while I give them the utmost in browny points for trying, the result is simply too derivative to really warrant any of my interest.

Vocalist Shane, who looks like a card-carrying John Rzeznick impersonator, is in possession of a fine, strong voice that would ordinarily be much more suited to a band like Rocket from the Crypt or perhaps even a Jeff Buckley cover band (check out “Sleep” for some great Jeff Buckley imitations). His backing band, however, does naught but create songs that have been written and re-written on innumerable occasions. The album, despite its overall sameyness, has some strong tracks in the form of “Sleep” and “Hate”, both of which are in possession of strong, memorable choruses and expressive melodies. Bonus track “Four Walls” is a beautiful, acoustic rock ballad that brings pride to the legacies of such underrated bands as Blind Melon and King’s X. Now, if only the rest of the album could have been as good. Well, at least it sounds as if the members are actually passionate about what they are doing, something of stark contrast to the Goo Goo Dolls and the like. Best of Seven’s debut is, if anything, not a total waste of time as there are some gems hidden in the rough.

Review by Alec A. Head

Review date: 09/2003

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