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Vengeance War 'Till Death

Bestial Warlust - Vengeance War 'Till Death ©1994 Modern Invasion Music
1. Bestial Warlust
2. Dweller Of The Bottomless Pit
3. Satanic
4. Heathens
5. Holocaust Wolves Of The Apocalypse
6. Storming Vengeance
7. At The Graveyard Of God

Bestial Warlust has often been mentioned as one of the top Australian black metal acts. I now considered all those who claim this as liars, thieves and hideously ugly people who I wouldn't even allow to watch a dead puppy. Bestial Warlust is, in a nutshell, a festering pile of dead puppies rotting in the swamps. The band tries so hard to go out of their way to be as bludgeoning and ugly as possible that they simply create a quivering mess of sound, unable to do more than irritate.

Each and every one of these songs (the tray insert claims eight, while the CD only has seven) is interchangeable, showing exactly zero sense of dynamics. The entire band goes out of their way to blur guitars, blastbeat their way through everything and rumble. Not even a good rumble, like the kind you see on The Outsiders, and they don't have fun nicknames like Ponyboy or Soda Pop. Joe Skullfucker would be more amusing if his band was good. Or even halfway decent. With the drummer bent on hit his snare repeatedly and the band insisting their riffs need no form, Bestial Warlust lurches forward with no sense of direction. The vocals are a hoarse roar and shriek that echo behind the music. The solos are a bit less useful than anything Slayer ever whipped out. Everything here is just pointless blundering.

Bestial Warlust was obviously intent on creating some of the heaviest, ugliest and most brutal music on their half of the globe. They got one of the three down pat. While some of you may have read everything I said and shouted, "Right on, that's what the fuck I'm talking about!" on your way out the door to find a copy of this CD, most sane people are advised to stay far, far away from this putrid reject of plastic.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2003

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