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Bill The Welder

Bill The Welder - Bill The Welder ©1998 Owned & Operated Records
1. Intro
2. Satan's Bowling Team
3. Bowling Green
4. Ska
5. Loft
6. Deana
7. Celibit
8. Nothing Works
9. Sokit
10. Underwear
11. Costa Mesa Friday Night
12. Cheekbone
13. Teflon
14. Shitty Gritty
15. Huge
16. Shit On My Dick

Better known as the stage manager and roadie extrordinaire of the ALL family, Daniel "Bug" Snow finally steps out from behind the scenes to lead his very own band in all its various rock n roll excesses. Yup, there are lewd songs about young girls sprinkled throughout and way, way too many pictures of Bug playing guitar in his underwear. But it's a good time. Featuring some sparkling production courtesy of his employers in ALL, Stephen Egerton and Bill Stevenson, this album is certainly in your face both sonically and materially. Bug doesn't play nice with subject matter (ask the girls in the "Loft", who are "not nice anymore") and wanders from heavy Sabbath-drenched evil music ("Satan's Bowling Team") to the melodic good times rock n roll of "Deana". The musician who appear with Bill the Welder are all quite good, as they include members of Wretch Like Me as well as various nuts who lurk around the Fort Collins scene. Bill the Welder has lacked a solid lineup--in fact they have never had the same lineup in all the times I've seen them opening up for ALL/Descendents shows--but nevertheless this collection of songs is a hoot

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/1998

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