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Binding - Relict ©2001 Self-Released
1. Busy Dying
2. Relict
3. Bitter Spirit
4. Absent One
5. Girl U Want
6. Busy Dying - Rmx By Ml

Binding is a two piece band out of Washington state who ply the industrial-metal wares. With one man armed with his trusty guitar and the other with an array of samplers, vocal processors and programming, the duo creates a sound that has been done a thousand times before but do it in a way that at least keep it fairly interesting for the listener. Binding relies on basic, heavy riffing and mechanized, processed vocals in order to create their music, but their main strength lies in catchy, groovy riffs. The band has scaffolding around the building, so what you hear sounds like a work in progress. They have a good skeleton and architecture, but on future releases, one would hope they can expand on their basic ideas. The good news about Binding is they avoid sounding completely cold and unable to penetrate their music.

Relict is a self released demo on CDr. Fans of heavy industrialized metal might find something of interest in Binding and are thus advised to learn more about them at their website.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2002

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