New World Disorder

Biohazard - New World Disorder ©1998 DefJam/Mercury
1. Resist
2. Switchback
3. Salvation
4. End Of My Rope
5. All For None
6. Breakdown
7. Inner Fear On
8. Abandon In Place
9. Skin
10. Camouflage
11. Decline
12. Hands Of Fate
13. New World Disorder

Biohazard could have saved themselves a lot of studio time and CD space if they had simply recorded two or three songs and released a single rather than this interminable thirteen song yawnfest. Everything they exhibit musically and all their ideas are exhausted rapidly within the first three tracks and anything beyond that is simply repetitious overkill. As we all know, Biohazard is that tough talking, angry hip-core metalmosh outfit from New York that has been snarling mad for quite some time. Based on my exposure to their videos in the past, I've done a credible job of avoiding them. And New World Disorder will do wonders to emphasize avoidance in the future. Everything here is by the numbers: super heavy power guitar, two or three shout-rap vocalists (as well as rather tepid attempts at singing on tracks like "End of my Rope"), slowish tempos designed for getting MTV brats really stirring in the pit...ugh. The problem is that there is nothing new to offer here, nothing that hasn't been done to death already by a thousand other ticked off bands. Naturally, if you can't get enough of this style, feel free to pick up a copy of this. But if you're a little more discerning or actually like something beyond stale, let this New World Disorder go the way of George Bush.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/1999

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