Sophomore Slump

Bitesize - Sophomore Slump ©2001 Packing Heat
1. Surprise Ending
2. Understudy
3. Bed & Breakfast
4. Father Figure
5. Pre-med
6. The Bee's Knees
7. BTO
8. Unadulterated
9. Greta Garbo
10. Chicken Shit
11. Speed Demon
12. Pet X
13. X-mas
14. Inhospitable
15. Press Junket
16. To Be Your Nurse
17. Double Knots
18. Silent Treatment
19. Proverbial Old Guy
20. Strapped For Cash

The one positive thing I will say about this CD in front of me is that Bitesize spelled "sophomore" correctly, which is a commonly misspelled word.

That will be the final positive thing I have to say about Sophomore Slump.

When an album comes along that is this revolting, it's hard to really know where to begin. This tuneless, dreadful disc is something that makes my skin crawl with revulsion every time I get near it. This trio attempts writing sing-songy, kidlike punk songs with incredibly horrendous vocals that suggest nary a bit of tunemanship. The offkey vocals of Leslie and Serano are tedious and grating. The songs themselves attempt to be all bouncy-bouncy, bundles of fun, but they're not. Fun is throwing the ol' ball around with Pop. Fun is petting zoos. Bitesize is Pop beaning you on the forehead with a fastball and a tiger biting your arm off as you try to scratch its chin. The CD desperately wishes to be whimsical and all it accomplishes is encouraging listeners to become homicidal. What utter garbage.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 12/2002

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