Black Dawn

Blood For Satan

Black Dawn - Blood For Satan ©2001 Necropolis
1. Pitbound (The 4th Trial Of Acolyte)
2. A Hymn To Grand Darkness
3. Of Blackest Witchcraft
4. Enemy Of The Day
5. Graverape Ritual
6. A Horned Moon Rising
7. Blood For Satan
8. To Haunt And To Feed
9. When The Shadows Become Flesh
10. Within Ye Woods, Before Ye Throne

From the first blast beat cascading through a sheen of unfocused guitar riffs to the final blast beat with nary a moment of variation from beginning to end, you know Black Dawn's Blood for Satan is not exactly chock full of new and innovative black metal ideas. Instead, you get subjected to a half hour of music that attempts to be relentless but comes across and monotonous instead. Black Dawn certainly tries very hard to be evil with all sorts of blatant Satanic lyrics and quotes, but so what? This isn't music for the sophisticated taste that prefers subtle touches and a sense of dynamics. The drummer's continual reliance on blast beats renders each song sterile and lacking any sort of movement while the guitars make up for it by being unable to convey even a subtle sense of melody or even brutality. Worse yet, when a band has to use a slogan such as "True Black Metal" on the insert tray, you know that they're trying far too hard to impose their music on the masses. They even suggest "Blood for Satan should only be listened to during the practise of self-mutilation". The very act of listening to this drivel is a form of self-mutilation as it destroys one's sense of taste in music. This band tries far too hard to be evil and has forgotten to bother with interesting music.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/2001

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