Once Upon A Star

Blacksmith - Once Upon A Star ©2000 Massacre Records
1. Once Upon A Star
2. Dragon's Fire
3. Hall Of The Mountain King
4. Come On
5. Last In Line
6. The King Has Lost His Crown
7. Blow It Up
8. Hero
9. Little Horn
10. Evil Rocks The Cradle
11. Fire Eyes
12. Love Again
13. Another Day
14. Valhalla

Once Upon A Star is the fourth album from this power-progressive metal band from Sweden. The band has been silent for some time working with other projects and recently came back together to release this wonderful disc. This one hits the nail on the head

While the songs are not terribly long, they are chock full of music. There are some great riffs and vocal melodies on the disc. The sound is somewhat similar to guitar work and singing on Rainbow's Rising album with Led Zeppelin hints and shading. The guitars are backed by the keys throughout the album. The solos are somewhat in the vein of the guitar hero strutting his stuff, but for the most part the band plays together focused on the song at hand. The music is peppy and crunchy as all get out. Each song riffs and rocks with great rhythm. There is not a boring moment on the disc. There is a lot of music packed with energy on this CD.

The disc doesn't slow down or allow the listener to catch his breath, but rockets along at a happy ricocheting pace. The vocal styles vary from song to song keeping your interest piqued as the music tears along. The disc includes the requisite power ballad. Present also is the blazing speed metal tune. This disc covers the waterfront of progressive power metal stylization. The time they spent on their side projects sharpened the compositional skills of the band members and makes for a razor sharp offering here. If you like a lot of crunch and power in your music, then you might want to give this disc a listen.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 10/2000

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