Blazing Eternity

A World To Drown In

Blazing Eternity - A World To Drown In ©2003 Prophecy Productions
1. Cover Me With Your Eyes
2. To Meet You In Those Dreams
3. A World To Drown In
4. Stars In July
5. (Don't) Tell The World
6. Procession
7. En Nat Bliver Det Sommer
8. Monument
9. White

The field of emo metal is slowly growing. Rather than the shoegazing, weepy-eyed men of indie rock's form of emo, emo metal artists actually remember that part of the deal is still having some bite to their music, despite encouraging weepiness. Blazing Eternity is one such example of a moody, despondent emo metal act that still remembers they're not just there to pout and sulk.

Overall, A World to Drown is a very solid record that takes cues from Anathema's Alternative 4 and Judgement as well as obligatory cues from Katatonia, who practically have invented this genre without knowing it. (Could someone send them a memo to let them know?) The nine songs presented here are very well constructed, feature varying degrees of heaviness (for the most part, Blazing Eternity sticks to the softer approach, though guitar distortion is not unknown to them) and offer brooding melodies sure to turn your smile upside down. This is the sort of metal album that you can play for your non-metal listening girlfriend and although wooing is out of the question, they will still enjoy listening to it. But there's enough acceptable metal content to keep your Purist Metal Comrades (who listen to tough man metal like Impaled Nazarene) at bay until you break out those old Cinderella records that you still love. Then you're on your own, pal.

For fans of the style Anathema and Katatonia have brought about over the last few years, Blazing Eternity comes with high recommendations. This album is strong from beginning to end with very good songwriting and emotion without maudlin filler. If you must sulk, at least do it to the broodtones of Blazing Eternity.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2004

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