Picture of Bloodthorn

War Vol. I [split]

Bloodthorn - War Vol. I Split ©1998 Season Of Mist
...And Oceans:
1. ...Ja Kylmä Vesi Nuolee Oksaa
2. 100 Meters Final (accelerate)
3. Flesh (GGFH Cover)
4. Breeding The Evil Inside (Bloodthorn Cover)
5. Spite
6. The End Offensive (War III)
7. Dead Men Don't Rape (GGFH Cover)
8. Kärsimyksien Vaaleat Kädet (...And Oceans Cover)

This is certainly an interesting concept for a split release. Seasons of Mist is taking two bands and giving them four tracks to work with. Two songs are new, one is a cover of some obscure band (in this case GGFH, which is a name I'm totally unfamiliar with) and a cover of the other band. In this first issuance, Seasons of Mist pairs up ...And Oceans, one of the more interesting bands to pop up in awhile, and Bloodthorn. As expected, ...And Oceans' four tracks are in the vein of last year's The Dynamic Gallery of Thoughts, with just a touch more experimental weirdness. The band can whip out the most raging, high tempo black metal with the best of them, but their melodic and tastefully done keyboards give them an edge and a little more identity. As for Bloodthorn, I am a little less impressed with their inclusion. Generally the sound is similiar in intent to older Emperor with a lot of fluid leads and an attempt at a larger scale, symphonic feel. Bloodthorn also uses female vocals to a small extent, but it's not like it really adds a whole lot to what's going on. Their best track is the GGFH cover, "Dead Men Don't Rape", which is given a chilling and very dirty treatment. Seasons of Mist suggest on the back cover "Let the best one win!" I would say ...And Oceans just pinned Bloodthorn to the mat on this CD.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 10/1998

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