Storms Of Apocalypse

Bloodthrone - Storms Of Apocalypse ©2001 Forever Underground
1. Bloodthrone
2. Storms Of Apocalypse
3. Mummification
4. Serpent, Goat, Spider & Skull
5. Darkest Path To Eternity
6. Marching Towards Armageddon
7. Mayhem Upon The Heavens
8. Outro

Bloodthrone could be considered the ultimate color-by-numbers black metal kit, except that this form of black metal is inherently monochromatic by nature. Aside from hailing from the distinctly untraditional location of New Jersey, Bloodthrone is a carbon copy of every expected black metal element in existence. Their name is made of up of two typical black metal words: "blood" and "throne". Their album artwork is monochromatic since true black metal eschews color in all regards. The lettering is the old English font. Song titles could have been taken from the Unholy Black Metal Songtitle-O-Matic. There is the obligatory spooky keyboard intro outro to frame the evilness within. There are also sound effects of thundering horses and warriors battling it out with their swords. (Incidentally, how many modern wars are fought this way? I doubt black metal warriors would get very far if they truly tried waging battle.) The vocals sound like a constipated troll while the music is derivative of old school black metal such as Darkthrone or worse, derivatives of that. And naturally, every band member has a tough, unholy or otherwise evil stage name, such as "Evil Pope" or "Machine". The only surprise is the production is raw, but rather good for the style at hand. At the end of the day, Bloodthrone has brought absolutely nothing new to the table and sound like a bad cliche of what they wish to emulate. Nice try, though.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/2001

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