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Blo.Torch - Blo.Torch ©1999 Wicked World
1. Spanish Sun
2. Mount Ygman
3. King Of Karnage
4. Inkblack Sky
5. Panzer Storm
6. Quatrain
7. Seem To Be The Enemy
8. March Of The Worm
9. Bloodstains (canvas Of A Switchblade Solution)

The Dutch fivesome Blo.Torch (with a period, please) plays a European brand of rather fast death metal in the vein of Gardenian, At the Gates, Soilwork and Amok-period Sentenced. A slight black metal influence can also be heard in a few harmonized single note guitar riffs and the vocals, which are predictably of the inflamed-larynx variety, with a few clean passages. The vocalist manages to be considerably less annoying than Gardenian and Soilwork's singers; his clean vocals are more convincing, and his grunts are varied über-grunts as opposed to the half-baked mean vocals of the aforementioned grunters, which never sound either mean or clean enough to be satisfying on either count. A handful of distasteful and unwelcome vocal samples of young girls appear here and there. As is the case with most of the bands in this genre, the guitars sound like souped-up Iron Maiden.

The songs are rather long, and for the most part they successfully avoid listener boredom by alternating fast, very fast and extremely fast parts, with more than a few slower moments here and there which recall classic doom metal and specifically Candlemass, without the vocals ("Quatrain", "Bloodstains").

While this album will never be anybody's "favorite-album-ever!!", there's plenty of interesting material here to please fans of the genre and even picky reviewers like myself who don't particularly care for it.

Review by Rog The Frog Billerey-Mosier

Review date: 06/2001

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