The Blue Season


The Blue Season - Cold ©2003 Grey Falls
1. Forever Torn
2. Release
3. Forsaken
4. Hours And Hours
5. Autumn
6. When I Fall Asleep
7. My Own Spring
8. Surrounding
9. Cold
10. Body In The Pool

While The Blue Season isn't going to tear down the barriers of rock, metal and goth with Cold, I'm certain this CD, the second full length by this band, will find a reasonable amount of appeal to those who like their lite metal-goth hybrid. Yeah, I'm talking to you, fans of Lacuna Coil. Quit hiding behind the plastic tree in my lobby and show your faces. It's okay to like this blatantly melodic emo-metal.

The Blue Season offers a sound that mixes a fair amount of The Gathering's Nighttime Birds level of heaviness with Lacuna Coil's two singer approach. The band also employs a second percussionist and the male singer provides keyboards, so there's a mild attempt to not be quite so orthodox. It's just that, though: an attempt. The female vocals are provided by Natalie Pereira Dos Santos, who has a quality voice that can sell a melody with the best of them while avoiding shrill tendencies or operatic bluster. However, her male counterpart, Oliver Zillich (whose photo in the liner notes makes him look like a stand-in for John Travolta), has an accented voice that sounds a bit uncomfortable in standing in front of a microphone. Actually, his contributions are quite tedious in comparison to Natalie's confident singing. But for the most part, the songs throughout Cold are pleasant, efficiently listenable and a nice mix between melodic metal and emo-metal's gothic pretensions.

This album could have served as a good follow-up to Lacuna Coil's debut EP. Fans of that band's early style will certainly find much of interest here, although those turned off by this sort of thing will not cross back over by hearing this effort.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 09/2003

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