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Grip Life

Body Clock - Grip Life ©1995 None Of The Above
1. Infested Mind
2. Torment
3. Embrace
4. Pensive World
5. Torture Yourself
6. Churn
7. Desolation
8. Grip Life
9. Servitude
10. Ride
11. Retrogress
12. Hatred Thoughts
13. Torturous World
14. Decaying Dreams
15. In The Caverns Of Eden
16. Delude
17. Sound Clock
18. Brain Destroy
19. Rigormortis
20. Where Is Heaven

For those who don't know, Body Clock is the solo work of Controlled Bleeding's Chris Moriarity (with some help from his friends). Overall, Body Clock treads the same ground as C.B.'s Trudge album while occasionally venturing off into dancey tracks and sonic soundscapes. The album starts off with chugging thrash metal guitars, distorted vocals ala` Skrew, and slowly works its way into somewhat ambient pieces like "Pensive World", gothish piano songs ("Desolation"), and sound collages that made his main project famous ("Retrogress"). While the breadth and width of this project is quite remarkable, the wholly different stylistic aspects make for a very schizophrenic listen. The keyboard/synth mood pieces will put you in one mindframe and the following track's metallic/industrial assault will upset that balance. However, that is what CD programmability is all about.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/1998

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