Bolt Thrower


Bolt Thrower - Mercenary ©1998 Metal Blade
1. Zeroed
2. Laid To Waste
3. Return From Chaos
4. Mercenary
5. To The Last...
6. Powder Burns
7. Behind Enemy Lines
8. No Guts, No Glory
9. Sixth Chapter

Maybe it's been their "war" image that has kept me from actually buying anything by Bolt Thrower over the years. War is probably the most overused imagery in metal and oftentimes my Cheez Barometer® will go off long before I can get the CD to the cash register. In the case of Bolt Thrower, who have been tossing their nuts'n'bolts around for a decade or so, maybe I should have given them a listen long ago. Though based in death metal and that ever-malleable grindcore genres, Bolt Thrower's fluid playing and force of iron-forged anvil heaviness are very commendable. Not earth-shattering, mind you, just solid as the swords they brandish. The riffing and leads roll over you like those back massage beads without while the vocals are mixed into the melee at a level where they aren't too forward or annoying. Oh, and you get the raging waterfalls of double-bass drums throughout. Now if you'll excuse me, I must go and plunder and conquer the neighbor's kitchen to the tune of Mercenary.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 12/1998

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