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Brian - Surgery ©1997 NSM Records
1. Yoko
2. Cream Fudge
3. First-grader
4. Waste
5. Beg Me
6. Please
7. Terror Inside
8. Hiszem

Brian (a band, not a person) is angry. Brian sounds like he(they) has had a very bad day and must create angry bulldozing music for catharsis. Luckily, Brian remembers that some groove and some tense vocalizing with just a dash of rough melody makes good catharsis for others as well. There are some moments where Brian sounds like he's owned a couple hardcore records in his day as well as some of the more modern 90's version of metal. Suffice it to say, Brian could step onstage before the Stuck Mojos and Nothingfaces of the world and fit right in with the bill. Even though Brian is playing that sort of rhythmic and heavy riffing brand of music, they don't limit themselves entirely the moods they attempt to convey. It isn't just a solid wall of crankiness; rather they get contemplative on "Waste" and use a impenetrable and groove on "Beg Me" to great effect. Singer Martin D. has a slightly rough voice that doesn't get as hoarse sounding as many of the other bands playing the style and knows how to milk a semblance of melody (play "Terror Inside" for reference) without resorting to melodramatic crooning. Brian certainly found a rock solid album in their collective pockets. Worth checking out for anyone into the current style of metal.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/1999

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