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The Grey Eminence

Bride Adorned - The Grey Eminence ©2000 Self-Released
1. Otherworldly
2. Ivory Towers Fall
3. Bridewell
4. The Grey Eminence

Hailing from Finland, Bride Adorned is a six piece band that offers a brew of symphonic power metal that will remind listeners of everything from Stratovarius to Therion in their approach, while not necessarily sounding like either. Bride Adorned's main focus is on very grand music that creates a very orchestrated wall of sound.

With four songs, The Grey Eminence is essentially a demo release that is surprisingly well developed. The sound quality is excellent and the metal side of the matter is nicely blended in with the large choruses and symphonic washes. At times the band appears to be doing just a bit too much in trying to squeeze everything into the mix, but fans of over the top music might not mind at all. The major point of contention and possibly the thing Bride Adorned needs to focus on improving in the future are the lead vocals of Tuomas Nieminen. He tries an approach that is similiar to a slighly lower register of Michael Kiske, only he lacks much of the power necessary. As a result, his vocals will induce a cringe factor in many listeners. Perhaps Tuomas could benefit from some vocal lessons to learn how to properly deliver convincing melodies, rather than sounding like the weakest link in the chorus. The band uses a lot of choir arrangements in the music and next to their lush sound, Tuomas sounds even worse. Meanwhile, the musicians offer a strongly crafted power metal approach that balances the guitars and keyboard arrangements very well. The songs are fairly memorable and that's impressive for such a young band.

Hopefully once the band settles down to record their first proper full length they will have improved the vocals. Otherwise, this is a very promising demo from Bride Adorned and hopefully it will serve as a great building block for future releases. Fans of latter day Therion and power metal in general should definitely check out this release.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 12/2000

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