Songs In The Key Of Bree

Buck-O-Nine - Songs In The Key Of Bree ©1994 Immune Records
1. Barfly
2. More Than Your Eyes Can See
3. Poorboy
4. Few Too Many
5. Tool
6. Nite Lite
7. I Can't Believe
8. Irish Drinking Song
9. King Of The Box
10. She's Fat
11. Ah Yeah
12. Happy Stay
13. Voice In My Head
14. New Generation
15. (Don't Wanna Be No) J.B.J.
16. Sappy Love Song
17. I Don't Seem To Care

You do realize that three songs into this seventeen song ska-punk opus, you'll have heard it all, right? Buck-O-Nine has all the elements of good high energy ska-punk: peppy horns, wobbly bass lines and a slightly out of tune "oh-so-punk" singer. But the fact is they repeat themselves stylistically clear through the entire album. My advice for playing Buck-O-Nine is to randomly pick one song, skank your little heart out and then immediately play another album. After the first three songs everything just blurs together into a soundalike mesh of ska-punk. Yes, you have heard it all before and it's a formula that has been overused by far too many bands in the past five years. Perhaps the one break-up in the album is the hilarious "Irish Drinking Song", but that little ditty isn't enough to save the album from monumental genericness.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/1999

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