Burning Dog

Last Days

Burning Dog - Last Days ©1997 The Edge
1. Spam-jelly
2. Free From Your Mind
3. Shoes
4. Self Indicted
5. Not Forgotten
6. Ripped & Torn
7. Cockboy
8. Division
9. Psycho Babbleology
10. Your Sided Politics
11. Morning Missile
12. Taking It Back
13. No Trust
14. Burning Dog
15. Skipped Groove

Hailing from the longlasting Oxnard California "Nardcore" scene, Burning Dog offers a disc that is brimming with adrenaline charged punk anthems that veer safely away from the current Epitaph/Fat Wreck Chords scene of happy little punkers singing about happy little things. Instead, Burning Dog rips through fifteen hardcore flavored songs with introspective lyrics that are talk-shouted. In a way, this reminds me a bit of the crossover scene of the mid-80's as the distorted guitars have a slight metal flavor (this is a good thing...really!) and has more than enough honest anger and energy to be satisfying, even if it may not be technically the best record. Bet these guys rip live!

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/1998

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