Burnt By the Sun

Soundtrack To The Personal Revolution

Burnt By the Sun - Soundtrack To The Personal Revolution ©2002 Relapse
1. Dracula With Glasses
2. Soundtrack To The Worst Movie Ever
3. Dow Jones And The Temple Of Doom
4. Boston Tea-bag Party
5. Shooter McGavin
6. Mortimer
7. Don Knotts
8. Famke
9. Human I Steamroller
10. Rebecca

If Burnt By the Sun is providing the Soundtrack to the Personal Revolution, I'm getting the distinct impression that this is one revolution bound to fail. Aside from a few clever song titles ("Boston Tea-Bag Party", "Dow Jones and the Temple of Doom"), Burnt By the Sun offers exactly zero things that would result in a recommendation. The New Jersey band plays a dense sort of metalcore that unfortunately relies on the sheer heaviness and thickness of their music, disregarding at least some mildly inventive guitar playing or distinctive songwriting to help separate them from the pack. The vocalist roars, the guitars crunch and demolish, and the drums drift off into blast beats and scattershot fills. Oh boy! Those waiting for a sparkling riff to rip forth are stuck waiting the duration of the album for it. The songs vary slightly, but not enough to really warrant further inspection. The album spends far too much time in neutral, hoping that sheer force of will and loudness will propel them. It doesn't. They're stuck in one place. If it's all the same, I'll choose another soundtrack for my personal revolution. Does anyone mind if it's actually good music?

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/2003

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