Butcher Shoppe


Butcher Shoppe - Meat ©1999 Finyl Cut Records
1. Butcher Shoppe
2. Bloody Onion
3. Freak Of The Week
4. Door
5. Destiny
6. Insanities Of Life
7. Meat
8. Beaten Path

Already banned from the majority of the local clubs and bars in the Denver region, Butcher Shoppe has been making a bit of a name for themselves on actions rather than music. Their name has been familiar to me for quite some time but up until now I hadn't actually made an effort to go check them out. Reason: the name Butcher Shoppe conjures up images of really bad gore metal done by pimply faced teenage boys who think horror movies should win Academy Awards. After spinning their debut self-released disc, I will at least give them credit for being competent musicians who have a lot more ability than their name and operating procedures might suggest. "Freak of the Week" in fact is a good song, with creative guitar parts that give some dynamics to the music. While a lot of bad gore metal simply bludgeons away at trying to be heavy for the sake of it, Butcher Shoppe at least varies things up a bit. Vocally, singer Jeremy Munn does that rather expected omininous echoing death grunt and occasional high screams. Admittedly I still don't exactly crave Meat after listening to this album, I do think Butcher Shoppe has a lot to offer those who are more into the genre than I am. Hopefully the band will continue to work on setting their songwriting a bit apart from the rest of the pack in the future.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 09/1999

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