By Fear I Fall

Sun Obscured

By Fear I Fall - Sun Obscured ©2003 Self-Released
1. Take Me Away
2. Walking Blind
3. Numb
4. So It Goes
5. Atrophy
6. Burning

Although I know little about this here By Fear I Fall band, I do know that this six song demo sent on CDr is an entirely flat and unimpressive piece of work. The band plays a semi-melodic style of death metal with one hoarse vocals, showing pretty much their entire hand in the first song. The next five songs, of course, are just an exercise in redundancy and get quite tiresome by the time the CD ends.

The band sticks to slower tempos and tries to use a little melody in their guitar riffing, although there is absolutely nothing stand-out about anything on the demo. In fact, this is one of those promos that just makes me thoroughly hate doing reviews. At least an awful band can be some fun. These guys are so entirely bland that they'd match the color of any wall they happen to be standing against. The field of metal in general is now becoming so incredibly saturated with bands that just are "there", taking up space, that it's hard to maintain an interest in seeking out new bands. The rewards are becoming few and far between.

Since the band's official website no longer seems to exist, I couldn't tell you if they've continued on after this lifeless demo. They're a band that either needs to completely rethink their songwriting approach or just leave us alone entirely.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2004

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