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California Guitar Trio - CG3+2 ©2002 InsideOut Music
1. Melrose Avenue
2. Skyline
3. Dancing Ann
4. Heart Of The Sunrise
5. Hanagasa
6. Zundoko-Bushi
7. Blockhead
8. Dance Of Maya
9. Swampy Space
10. Swampy Return
11. Train To Lamy
12. Eve
13. What I Am
14. The Chase

California Guitar Trio is just that, three accomplished guitarists who met through Robert Fripp's guitar clinics. The three musicians, Bert Lams, Paul Richards and Hideyo Moriya, are all three very accomplished guitarists and obviously got together for the sheer enjoyment of playing together. For CG3+2, the trio enlisted the help of bassist Tony Levin (best known for appearing on every single album ever recorded in the history of music, except that one by Utah's black metallists Ibex Throne) and drummer Pat Mastelotto. The result is a very breezy, enjoyable album.

Unlike many instrumental albums, particulary by guitarists who have the ability to do with things with their fingers that would impress even the most jaded of nymphomaniacs, CG3+2 is heavy on creating highly listenable compositions and short on proving exactly how talented these guitarists are. What results is something that falls between a fun jam session and overly-cerebral composition (which is not to say these guys didn't think about what they were doing). Throughout this CD, the music is upbeat, constantly filled with an excellent understanding of texture between three guitarists and of course some nifty leads here and there. Distortion and effects are eschewed for the simplicity of nothing more than good tones and strong playing. The rhythm section keeps up quite well with the guitar army and no one person in this project seems intent on overshadowing any of the others.

Anyone with an interest in the vast axis of King Crimson related projects should already be curious about California Guitar Trio. And for those who normally think instrumental music is for those who place technical performance above composition, this is a great CD that is sure to keep even the most punk of punks listening.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 09/2003

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The First Decade

California Guitar Trio - The First Decade ©2003 InsideOut Music
1. Yamanashi Blues
2. Melrose Avenue
3. Beeline
4. Carnival
5. Blockhead
6. Kan-non Power
7. Train To Lamy Suite (Pts 1-3)

InsideOut saw fit to send promotional copies of The First Decade as an edited set of songs from the release. Instead of giving us perservering, self-sacrificing, hard-working rock journalists a full copy for review, they seemed content to provide a truncated version subtitled, "A Selection From the Upcoming Album". In honor of that decision, I would like to offer a selection from my review for The First Decade:

California Guitar trio's __________ guitar playing is very ___-_________ on The First Decade, a compilation that captures the band's _______. The most ______ thing about ____ trio is _____ ability to create ______ music. The ______ guitarists _____ a pattern of _______ that is ________. I most ______ the part about ______ where they ______ and _______. ___________! It was only surpassed by ______, except in the instance of _______, ________, and ___________. But I ______. Buyers should ________, while maintaining ________ semblance of ________. But don't ____ it from __. You should _______ before ______.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2004

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